Newsletter/Calendar for Week of August 13

     This week’s newsletter/calendar is available for downloading/printing at the end of this post and on the newsletter page.
     It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at Orientation last Friday! From familiar faces to new parents and students, everyone was friendly and enthusiastic. I have a good feeling about the upcoming year!
     Instead of the typical Wish List asking for classroom supplies, I’m doing something a little different this year. We have an excellent new science textbook, but will need to provide supplies for many of the experiments that we’ll be doing. Some of these activities are located in the book, while others I’ll find through other resources. If you’d like to help with the purchase of these items, please consider buying an Amazon gift card for this purpose. With almost 70 students doing the experiments, we will need a substantial number of many items. I promise to be frugal with your donations and spend all funds wisely. Receipts will be available for all to see at anytime. If you decide to contribute, please send a virtual gift card to this email address or a physical one to my room. If you can’t donate at this time, there will be opportunities throughout the year.
     An exciting part of the first day of school is the introduction of our new school theme. This year, it’s AHOY, M.A.T.E.Y.S (Maximizing Academic Talent Every Year Successfully)! Students are encouraged to wear pirate costumes to help get the year started. We’ll take and post some pictures of those who dress up.
     Speaking of posting pictures, please be sure that you sign up for my class sites: my website, Twitter, and Shutterfly. Links are below and on my newsletter. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Parents (from all homerooms) should sign up for these sites.

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