Incentive Photos

The 2020 JBE FUNdRun Fundraiser is coming up soon! Here’s a short history of the incentives in my room and a summary of last year’s results:

A few years ago, I was trying to inspire my class to get excited about the school fundraiser. One of their favorite ideas was having me wear Batman pajamas and, to be even funnier, I should go shoeless. “Barefoot Batman” was how they described the incentive. We easily reached our goal that year and a tradition was born!

Batman proved to be popular for the next couple of years. Later, Superman was added to the outfits. And last year, with many of the same kids as the previous year in my class, they wanted new outfits: panda, unicorn, Dory, a baby, and a Florida Gator (I’m an Alabama fan). Our class raised more than $9,100 toward the overall school goal!

My class will be carrying on the tradition this year. Who knows what ideas they’ll have this time around?

Here are some photos from the 2019 event: